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    qamra Clarke


As always I am so grateful that you are here reading and watching my content. This truly means the world to me. Today I've decided to share some of what goes into making an Elon Blu Crochet Wig. I will be sharing much more insight as we grow this platform. Thank you again for being here with me. _________________________________________________________


Step 1: Grab a cluster of hair and lightly fan out for easy separation

Step 2: In your resting hand, lay the cluster of hair evenly over your index finger (above the top knuckle). In your operating hand, grab the 3.5mm crochet hook.

Step 3: Use the crochet needle to grab the hair (about 21 strands) off your index finger and pull the hair group through the net one inch, closing the latch as you pull.

Step 4: Slide the crochet hook up, moving the looped hair down. This action will open the latch again.

Step 5: Smooth out hair group, making sure you have all the strands together and hold firmly about two inches away from the net.

Step 6: Hook the hair on the left side of the diamond-shape net with the needle and pull so the looped hair on the crochet hook, slides up, closes the latch, and slides onto the hair group.

Step 7: Release your grip on the hair and grab hold of the loop that you have just made at the net.

Step 8: Push the crochet needle up so the hair slide down the metal shaft of the crochet needle, gently pull the reminding hair through the loop, making sure to hold firmly both the bottom of the loop and net.

Step 9: Repeat steps 1- 8. Skip every other diagonal side that makes up the diamond shape and every other row until you have made 16 crochet groups (4 across and 4 down).

Step 10: Divide the 16 groups evenly in half (8 up and 8 down) and twist neatly, making sure not to mix the strands from one side to the other.


Canvas Wig Head:


Crochet Needle w/Latch:


Adjustable Head Stand: _____________________________________________________________


  • Post author
    qamra Clarke

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